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CARS, MOTORSPORT & Music entertainment

STACKS fs - Home of Cars, Motorsport and Music Entertainment

Welcome to STACKS fS, where the world of cars, motorsport, music, song-writing, adventures and having a purpose collide!

I’m Fred Warner, your host, and I’m here to bring you an entertaining mix of reviews, interviews, videos, shows, blogs and much more in my passion areas of cars, motorsport, piano music, song-writing, and so much more.

Think Top Gear, Later with Jools, Red Bull TV and Tony Robbins, all rolled into one.

My goals with STACKS fS is to inspire and uplift you, outlining my journey to find my purpose in life and, helping folks be inspired by others like them in business and pleasure.

Collage of photos containing fred (STACKS) playing the piano
Fred sat in a Porsche Boxster S talking to the camera
Will Ortons JCW mini leading the race at Brands Hatch in the rain

My Playlists

Image of Fred driving an MX5 during a car review

Car Reviews and Fun

Welcome to the Cars Reviews, where we dive into the exciting world of automobiles and celebrate my lifelong love for cars!

Here, you’ll find a wealth of content related to cars I’ve owned, in-depth car reviews, and valuable advice on car ownership. As an avid car enthusiast, I’ll share my experiences, insights, and passion for everything from hot hatches and super saloons to roadsters and GT cars.

Explore this section to fuel your own passion for cars and join me in the thrilling journey through the ever-evolving automotive landscape.

Will Ortons JCW Mini Challenge race car from the rear with flames coming from the exhaust flickering over the STACKS fs logo

Motorsport Interviews and Thrills

Get ready to hit the track with Motorsport, where we delve into the love of motor racing, from Formula 1, British Touring Cars, Mini Challenge, and the exhilarating world of professional racing drivers.

You’ll find engaging content covering my passion for motorsport, along with exclusive insights into STACKS fS’s sponsorship and support of Will Orton, a talented young racing driver competing in the 2023 Mini Challenge JCW Cup with team Hybrid Tune.

Join us as we celebrate the speed, skill, and excitement of motorsports and cheer on the next generation of racing champions!

Fred playing piano at Glasgow Central Train Station with Claudia Winkleman watching on as Fred played in Channel 4 show The Piano

Piano Music Playing Performing and Composing

Step into the Music section, where I share my passion for piano playing, songwriting, and captivating performances.

Relive my Facebook Live shows during the COVID-19 pandemic, explore the creative process behind songwriting and recording, and enjoy a selection of my original compositions accompanied by personal insights and stories.

From intimate piano solos to full-blown productions, let’s dive into the wonderful realm of music together, sharing our love for melody, rhythm, and emotion.

Fred standing on a balcony in Morthoe looking over Woolacoombe Bay, Devon, in the disk with the moon in the sky

Adventures & Purpose

Join me, fred (STACKS) for a journey filled with thrilling adventures and inspiring discoveries.

From the exhilaration of exploring new places and the quest for purpose, a reflection of our passions, aspirations, and everything that makes life worth living.

Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of exploration or are in pursuit of personal growth, there is something for everyone.

Remember, life is an adventure, LOVE ONE LIFE, join me at STACKS fS as we embark on this exciting journey together. Don’t forget to subscribe and join us on this path of adventure and discovery!

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