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I’m fred (STACKS), your host, and I’m here to serve up an entertaining mix of cars, mountain biking, motorsport, piano music, song-writing, adventures, all with a twist of my journey and finding purpose.

This platform is designed to inspire and uplift, as life can be pretty tough, and the way the world presents itself as perfect through social media (when it’s not) doesn’t make it easy.

Drawing on the inspo of shows like Jools Holland’s Later, Top Gear, The Grand Tour, and the adrenaline-fueled Red Bull TV, STACKS fS adds a unique twist by incorporating my diverse passions and experiences.

As a multi instrumentalist musician (best on piano), chartered engineer, and entrepreneur, I’ve had quite a mix of experiences in my journey. From dreaming of becoming a fighter pilot and studying Aeronautical Engineering at University, to working in Formula 1, Rail, Aerospace, Clean Tech, Electronics and more, to building a digital marketing agency with my incredible wife, Andrea, and being a massive fan of playing the piano and performing music and creating songs, I’ve been fortunate to experience life from many angles.

When it comes to cars, I’ve had my fair share of experience, from reviewing them on YouTube to working with hydrogen fuel cell technology of the future.

I’m also an avid mountain biker, outdoor enthusiast, and lover of sunshine, landscapes, and whisky (Scotch). At STACKS fS, you’ll find a blend of all these interests through interviews, content, songs, blogs, and shows, all infused with the excitement and creativity of our favourite shows.

Above all, I’m a cheeky, fun-loving, compassionate family man who values integrity and understanding. We like to have FUN, and always want to have a laugh. Together with my wife and three children, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. So buckle up, let’s hit the road, and discover the world of STACKS fS!

Fred on his wedding day to Drea sat with sunglasses on in the roadster car after getting married
Fred and Dre chilling on the beach
Fred in MTB gear full face helmet with his bro on a mountain bike in Bike Park Wales, UK

My passion for music has led me to write, record, and produce songs, perform on Facebook Live during the COVID-19 pandemic, and even appear on the Channel 4 show “The Piano.”

Fred in MTB gear full face helmet with his bro on a mountain bike in Bike Park Wales, UK

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